How to Buy CBD

Perhaps you’re a customer curious about tinctures, capsules, sprays, lotions, water, sodas, or CBD-infused products like gummy bears. When you hear claims of pain relief, anxiety reduction, anti-inflammation, sleep enhancement, and other healing properties, you may be wondering if products containing cannabidiol (CBD) can help.

Research into the safest and most effective uses of CBD is still ongoing. Nonetheless, with a growing number of major retail chains, it’s getting easier to find health and wellness products that contain where to buy cbd. If you want to give it a try, you are not alone. In a survey conducted by CreakyJoints, part of the Global Living Foundation, more than half of arthritis patients surveyed have tried medical marijuana and CBD products in addition to prescribed medications to combat symptoms such as chronic pain.

CBD is related to marijuana, but with important differences. Both contain chemicals found in the cannabis plant. THC, mainly from marijuana, has psychoactive properties. In contrast, CBD, which is mainly derived from the related plant hemp, does not have these psychoactive effects.

“I am not at all surprised that so many people with chronic rheumatic and musculoskeletal conditions have tried such products for medical reasons,” says Benjamin Nowell, director of patient-focused research at CreakyJoints. “The proliferation of unregulated CBD products is giving people more access. However, due to the lack of high-quality clinical studies evaluating safety, effectiveness, and appropriate dosages, there is currently no reliable way to compare different brands or types of CBD products. doesn’t exist. .”

CBD Buyer Tips

Health consumers should consider product quality and purity. These expert tips explain how to buy CBD products and what to look for on labels. (Hint: It’s helpful to have your mobile device nearby when entering the store.)

Get ready. “Before going to the store to purchase a CBD-containing product, consumers should consider researching CBD and cross-referencing the findings to any illness or condition they are interested in,” says Dr. Richard Carmona, a former surgeon. Advisory Board of Kadenwood, a “seed-to-shelf” consumer CBD products company that is launching a CBD topical cream called Level Select later this month.


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