Shatter has gained a huge following in the cannabis community over the last ten years. It is a beautiful, incredibly hard, and powerful cannabis extract lauded in both the medical and recreational communities for its potency and ease of use. Here’s a look at what Buy Shatter In Burnabyis and how it’s different from other cannabis products.

What Is Shatter?

Shatter is a specific type of extracted cannabis concentrate. Extracts are concentrated marijuana in which the plant’s cannabinoids, terpenes, and other chemical compounds are extracted into a highly stable and smokable form.

Shatter is made with dried, cured plants and has a high THC content, often north of 60%.

Marijuana shatter has a semi-transparent amber/gold appearance with a consistency similar to that of glass. Shatter is hard and, when dropped, it shatters. Hence the name, “shatter”.

How To Use Marijuana Shatter

Cannabis shatter, like other concentrates, is vaporized, or “dabbed”. While many users with dab rigs won’t have any issues with shatter, users who want to vape shatter need a vaporizer designed specifically for marijuana shatter; common tobacco vaporizers are not usually suited for this.

Benefits Of Cannabis Shatter

Because it is highly concentrated, shatter enters the bloodstream incredibly fast and only takes a small dose to achieve results, making it a highly efficient means of smoking.

How To Store Shatter

To store your shatter, make sure you keep it clean and free of debris. Not only can contaminants cause shatter to break down faster, but they can also harm users when inhaled. Make sure you place shatter on a nonstick surface to avoid wasting the sticky residue it often leaves behind, as that is potent THC concentrate.  Keeping shatter in an airtight container and storing in a cooler area will extend the life of the product.

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