How the Best CBD Gummies Are Made

CBD gummies begin life as industrial hemp, a selectively bred variant of Cannabis sativa. CBD is extracted from the plant using one of a number of processes. The most common is some form of solvent extraction. Arguably the best and cleanest method is supercritical CO₂—which has become the standard for high-quality CBD Sweets UK producers. The benefit of this over other solvents is that it does not leave behind any impurities in the final product.

The cannabidiol and other compounds are dissolved from the plant matter, as they are soluble, whereas the rest of the plant is not. After filtration and purification, you’ll have a clean extract that only contains the cannabinoids and terpenes you want to ingest, leaving the rest behind. It is possible to perform this process at home, but using a much cheaper and more accessible solvent: coconut oil.

Steam distillation can also be used to extract both THC and CBD from cannabis plants. By heating the plant matter in a pressurised container, the cannabinoids and terpenes will seep out in the form of an oil, ready to be incorporated into CBD gummies. That said, this method is inefficient; lots of compounds are left behind once the process is complete. The high heat and pressure can also cause the compounds to break down, leading to a drop in potency.

CBD Gummies Without Gelatine

For those vegans and vegetarians amongst you, there is good news. There are plenty of gelatine-free CBD gummy varieties available. Long gone are the days when sweets were the preserve of carnivores only—so you can enjoy your CBD guilt free!

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