Topicals, the beauty brand de-stigmatizing skin conditions in women of color, will release its two hero products — the Faded Serum and Like Butter Mask — as mists. Formulated for use all over the body, the mists extend treatment to areas beyond the face with ingredients targeting hyperpigmentation and dryness.

The Faded Brightening & Clearing Mist combats scars and dark spots with two active ingredients, tranexamic acid (a brightening agent) and glycolic acid (an acne-fighting chemical exfoliant). Topicals recommends using it one to two times per week before working up to daily application. The Like Butter Hydrating & Soothing Mist moisturizes hard-to-reach places with green tea and allantoin, an ingredient that aids in wound healing. To use both mists, simply spray onto cleansed, dry skin and let it set before using moisturizer. Packaged in air-powered, non-aerosol cans, the products are more environmentally conscious than traditional mists and sprays.

Interview with the Topicals Squad

Tell us a little bit about you and about the spark behind Topicals!


We both grew up with skin conditions (Claudia had severe eczema, Olamide had post-barbae folliculitis) and we never found a brand that resonated with us.

So we always felt embarrassed about our skin conditions and used to hide our ointments because they made us feel like outsiders. We made Topicals to help transform the way people feel about skin by making the treatment experience more like self-care rather than a burdensome ritual.

We want to take the focus off of having “perfect” skin and put the onus on having “funner flare-ups”.

Your formulas are super based in skin science and Topicals is also very trendy with packaging! Talk about finding that balance and how you see the brand growing!


When you have a visible skin condition, you grow up using prescription products that are usually kept under your bathroom sink. We wanted to design products that you could showcase right alongside all of your favorite brands on your shelf.

Our goal is to always be where our customers are. This can be online, in store, or in a different country. We’d love to partner with others that allow us to do that.

We will also continue to transform the way people feel about skin through products, experiences, and social impact!

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